Published Date : 2022-01-17 (Modified Date : 2022-01-19)


The first railway service in Nepal was begun in 1927 AD with a length of 48 km between Amalekhagunj (Nepal) to Raxaul (India) which was closed in 1960 AD. A second railway service was begun in 1937 AD connecting Jayanagar in India to Janakpur and Bijalpura in Nepal with the length of 51 km.
As Railway service is reliable, less expensive and more comfortable than other modes of transportation, the development and expansion of our country's railway network, as well as connecting it to the railway networks of neighboring countries is significant to our country's economic development. To achieve the goal, Nepal Government recognized the necessity to create a permanent organization structure to help in policy formulation, development and expansion of railway infrastructure and provide suggestions on railway services operation. Subsequently, Nepal Government established the Department of Railways(DoRW) under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport(MoPIT) on 2068/03/01 (B.S).